Register a new account or sign into an existing one, using the Register / Sign-In button located at the top right. If you have not made an account before, you will be asked to fill out a registration form before you are able to enroll in classes. After you have signed in, you can:
  • View Accounting: View a history of all your prior payments
  • Make a Payment: Make a payment towards your balance
  • View/Edit Contact Information: View and edit your contact information, as well as additonal preferences
  • Enroll In A ClassView available classes to enroll in

After successfully logging into your account, click the button labeled "Enroll in a Class" located at the bottom of the page.

  • Once on the classes page, we highly recommend sorting the displayed table by Class Details/Weekdays.
  • This table displays all available classes offered this season; including their instructors, class time, and experience level.
  • Clicking "Learn More" on a class will take you that classes info screen. Here, you can click the green "Enroll" button to register for the class.
  • Select the child(s) you wish to enroll and click "View Tuition Options"
  • A confirmation screen will then display the class information along with your child(s), click "Enroll Now" to complete the enrollment.
  • Once the enrollment is complete; you can choose to enroll in more classes, view your enrollments, or return to the account overview functions.